Small Acts of Leadership

Taiwan & the Small Acts of LeadershipDuring my visit to Taiwan, I was able to visit two of the county Governors, Hsi-Wei (Joe) Chou from Taipei County and Chiu-Hsing Yang of Kaohsiung County. I observed in both leaders a similar leadership style where people matter.

Each governor hosted a leadership forum in their county that included speeches, a panel discussion about leadership and a luncheon banquet. What struck me was how I learned about their real authentic leadership style. It was not by the remarks given at the leadership forum or by the hospitality shown at the celebration banquet but rather by observing small acts of humanity that shone a light into their REAL leadership.

Treasures from Taiwan

Friendship and TaiwanAs I stood in the airport in Taipei, Taiwan saying goodbye to my new friends, Nicole Hsieh and Joanna Chang, I suddenly felt emotional. We had just met 3 days before but had spent almost every waking minute together during my short trip there. I had come to speak at a leadership forum that also included a nonstop schedule of lunch and dinner banquets, press interviews, panel discussions and meetings with prominent business owners, politicians and women advocates.

Leading Kentucky

Leading KentuckyOn May 4, I went to Kentucky to speak at a women’s conference for an organization called, Women Leading Kentucky. A former colleague, Janet Holloway, had a dream over a decade ago to start an organization for women to create networking, business and leadership opportunities. This was her annual conference. We had known each other during the Clinton Administration when she was president of the small business development centers.