CEO’s Philosophy on Women & Mentoring

Betsy Myers’ interview with Denise Morrison, president & CEO of Campbell Soup Company from a keynote luncheon at the 8th Annual Pennsylvania Conference for Women. One of only 14 women CEOs in the Fortune 500, Morrison discussed her philosophies on leadership and confidence, the role her family played (and plays) in her success, and how strategic career moves can help women advance to the C-suite.

Leadership in Times of Heartbreak

Elizabeth EdwardsWe said good-bye to Elizabeth Edwards last month. I have thought so much about her strength and courage in the final few years of her life. She left behind her precious children Kate 28, Emma 13 and Jack 10. Seems like only yesterday when John and Elizabeth Edwards arrived in Washington when John was elected the new U.S. Senator from North Carolina. Elizabeth played a significant role in Senator Edward’s career and his subsequent runs for president in 2004 and 2008.

Getting into the Spirit

Southwest Airlines Annual Halloween EventI was asked to attend the Southwest Airlines annual Halloween event in Dallas this year. I also had the pleasure joining Gary Kelly, CEO, President and Chairman of the Board of Southwest Airlines as a judge at the event. This 25-year tradition of Halloween festivities is part of their company culture. The headquarters literally shuts down (except for those responsible for the planes in the air) for a day of Halloween fun and department competition.

Michigan’s First Gentleman Leads the Way

Dan MulhernOn May 19, The University of Michigan hosted a leadership symposium called “ Profiles in Leadership: Conversations with Betsy Myers and Michigan Leaders.”

I moderated a panel on how to create successful women leaders. The panel consisted of several amazing women, including University of Michigan Dean of Education, Deborah Loewenberg Ball and Eastern Michigan University General Counsel, Gloria Hage. Michigan’s First Gentleman, Dan Mulhern, also participated. He is married to Governor Jennifer M. Granholm.