Good leadership is not about having the most knowledge or power but about how you make others feel.

Betsy Myers


Betsy incorporates these key topics into any available format.

Good leadership is not about having the most knowledge or power but about how you make others feel.

Betsy Myers

Betsy Myers

key topics

Betsy incorporates these key topics into any available format

Betsy incorporates these key topics into any available format

We brought Betsy into our workplace as part of a pilot employee networking program, and she facilitated a well-attended session. The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive and our team is already using the strategies they learned to break down silos and create better employee alignment and job satisfaction.

— Theresa E. Sciarappa

Vice President, Strategic Alignment and Human Resources/CHRO, Massachusetts Medical Society
Vice President, Strategic Alignment and Human Resources/CHRO, Massachusetts Medical Society

Leading with Both Head and Heart

Ignite your potential and transform your team

Is  your team actively engaged, committed, and passionate about your mission and purpose? 

Are you struggling with attracting and retaining top talent?

Head and Heart Leadership is key to moving toward your organization’s goals. Be inspired and motivated by real-world stories and examples of successful leaders, as Betsy guides your leadership team through a journey of self-discovery and growth. 

Explore the wisdom of head and heart leadership:

Applying the wisdom of head and heart leadership energizes leaders to:

Advancing Women Leaders

Changing the game for women in the workplace

Is advancing women a strategic priority in your organization?

Are you building a culture where women leaders can excel and flourish?

Do the women in your company feel valued and supported, so they can grow as individuals and leaders?

Gender parity isn’t a women’s issue – it’s a business issue.

50% of organizations have no clear strategy to advance women leaders. Nearly half of those that do have a plan do not address barriers faced by women, such as corporate culture. Last year, 45% more women than men left jobs in the top growth sectors, citing culture as the primary reason.

What is genuinely getting results?

The good news is that there are success stories and new ideas gaining traction, making a difference in retention, advancement, and engagement of women talent and women as customers.

Women leaders at all levels stay at their companies longer and excel in their careers when organizations address four key areas:

The Individual Woman Leader

Taking charge of our own success

What does success look like at work and home?

When the stakes are high, organizational politics are at play, and your emotions are triggered, do you act consciously and strategically?

Are you waiting for someone to notice your efforts and good work?

Are you caught in a to-do list of demands, keeping you from getting to what matters in your life?

Every woman is a leader. It is our personal responsibility to be the leader of our life, and understand our strengths, weaknesses and what might be holding us back.

The hardest person we will ever manage is ourselves, but we must start there. The key is a commitment to self-awareness and self- knowledge. Looking outside ourselves for our value, or waiting for someone to notice our greatness, is a dead end. We must instead take the reins of our careers and our lives. We cannot lead others before we understand ourselves. Our willingness to lead ourselves is where our true power lies, and how we will achieve the results we desire in our personal and professional lives. 

Work with Betsy to examine the key aspects of self-leadership:

Learn tools and action steps to support your own objectives, and create a strategy to become the leader of yourself.

Women and Worthiness

The root of success

Is fear of taking risks holding you back from reaching for what you want?

Do you often feel you must work harder and contribute more than your share at work and home to prove your worth?

Does your own success come with anxiety, because your self-doubt makes you sometimes feel like you’re a fraud?

Standing in the way of women’s advancement is their often overlooked relationship with worthiness.

Wherever you are on your personal leadership journey, Betsy’s insights, along with The Worthy Meter©, can empower you with a new understanding of how to build your self-worth muscle.

The Worthy Meter©

Betsy has developed a powerful tool to help participants examine their relationship with self worth. The Worthy Meter© serves as a guide to shining a light on beliefs and habits that exacerbate unworthiness. The Worthy Meter© teaches how to be alert to unproductive behaviors—and a road map to choose differently.

This session offers a supportive space to explore self-worth and how it may be holding many women back.

Great job Betsy! Our survey results after your September speech were extremely positive. 97% of women thought the content was relevant and something that they could apply to their own jobs. Well done and extremely effective. Thank you again. 

— Jenny Xu

Executive Director, Commercial Emerging Technology, Bridgestone Tire Operations
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